Leveraging external data, advanced data platforms & AI to monitor economic & investment activities on targeted sectors to provide competitive & market watch.

Success stories
  • Accurately measured the real-time evolution of public opinion relating to 100+ topics for an institutional investment center.
  • Built 20+ indicators based on alternative data for a National Monetary Authority.

Market Trends Tracking

Use both internal & external data to build smart market indicators & follow their evolutions in real time.

Public Discourse Analytics

Leveraging NLP & scrapping technologies to browse through billions of sentences & summarise shifts in public opinions about certain topics of interest.

Self Service Smart BI

Jumpstart your Business Intelligence Reporting thanks to our expertise with both open source & proprietary tools mastery.



Empower your marketing strategy with cutting-edge AI-Powered Marketing Tools that combine innovative machine learning algorithms with real-world marketing experience to gain valuable insights from your data in order to optimize your actions and drive tangible results.

Success stories
  • 98% precision in churn detection and time to churn in a commercial bank.
  • 1400% increase in coupons burnt at a leading retailer.
  • Revamped the segmentation of 6 large banks’ markets.

Smart Behavioral Segmentation

Leverage AI to gain deep insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing you to create highly personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

Product Boosters, Couponing & Smart Recommendation

Identifying consumption trends within low level data patterns in order to offer the optimal product mix and power up targetted sales & marketting campaigns.

Lifetime Moment Predictions & Trend Detection

Detect the time-sensitive needs of your customer.

Churn Detection & Time to Churn Prediction

Identify which customer is about to jump ship & target the pain points that drove them away from your business to boost retention.