Don’t compromise between Best Practices On-Premise Privacy & most Innovative Cloud Data Tools thanks to our Prepackaged, R&D and experience backed Hybrid Data Platforms leveraging state-of-the art Cryptography for Privacy Management and Elastic, OPEX-Oriented on Demand Cloud Resources.

Success stories

Deployed 5 large Hybrid Data Lakes for top tier sectorial leader and made them profitable each time through their first use case.

Hybrid Data Lake

ROI driven data platforms to kickstart your Data & AI strategy and unite your teams around high impact.

Cloud Solutions

Bring your use cases to life through our extensive library of cloud tools impacting every and all links of the supply chain.

On-Premise Privacy Safehouse

Ensure full compliance with worldwide PII laws by leveraging military grade cryptography through a zero trust architecture in order to fully anonymize your data.



Leveraging both internal and external data as well as state of the art cloud based open data technologies to provide exceptional insights through quality standardized datasets bringing forth the necessary transparency to maximize synergy with external ecosystem.

Success stories

Built the first Open Data in Morocco featuring fresh, frequently updated data and :

  • 1000+ data sets
  • 50 000+ Points of Interest
  • 300+ filters

Public Data Mining

Fill the lack of available data through by making use of unexploited, publicly available data

Open Data Provision

Provide your external ecosystem with rich, quality data thanks to our ergonomic platfoms & automation processes in order to leverage wisdom from the crowd & create unsuspected opportunities

Self Service Smart BI

Allow your expanded ecosystem to swift through the data & unearth the value within it